Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beyonce covers the September issue of Self Magazine

Beyonce lands the September 2010 cover of Self magazine. In the magazine out on newsstand she talks about important issues like giving back, motivation and attitude. Something that I think is key to being a good person. She looks amazing on the cover in a coral form-fitting dress and her body looks great also. Beyonce is yatching it up with her hubby over seas right now but she is still making noise and it has nothing to do with her voice. Continue to read to see who is calling Beyonce a thief and why...

On the fashion side of things, E Label is calling Beyonce is style stealer because she reportedly copied a pair of their leggings. The label claims that Beyonce purchased several pairs of their leggings but copied it for her Dereon clothing line. The fall ad campaign for Dereon was released and Beyonce is wearing a copy of the leggings in question. The bad thing about making a unique piece in fashion is that it cannot be copy written because she can't copy write fashion. You be the judge look at the two leggings below.

Left is the Dereon fall ad campaign featuring Beyonce wearing her version of the leggings and right is E Label's leggings which Bey reportedly copied. If you ask me they have a very strong resemblance to one another so I can see the concern. However several other labels have designed leggings with studs on them like that so they did copy them to? Also Beyonce has her studs on the side not on the front like E Label. I went on E Label site and these leggings are sold out. Their is a similarity but is it enough to call her a theif? If that is the case this whole industry is living a lie becasue that's what most labels do anyway. Buy something from another brand that they like and make it for their own label but change it up a bit. Very few designers acutal design so you be the judge. Do you think Beyonce copied E Label?

Photos:, E Label

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