Friday, August 6, 2010

Italian Vogue's controversial oil-spilled theme editorial:Is it disturbing or an artistic positive message?


So Italian Vogue released images from their September issue which features model Kristen McMenamy dressed in oil soaked black feathers like she is being washed away on the beach. Photographer extraordinary Steven Meisel shot the controversial Gulf spill editorial which is titled "Water and Oil". Kristen can be seen in the images spitting up oil and withering like a lifeless animal on the rocks. The images are definitely powerful and graphic but was it necessary to do?

There is no doubt that since the start of this oil spill everyone has been tormented by the horrific images that were seen on television. Animals covered in oil and clumps of oil washing up on the beaches everywhere making it impossible for people on the coastal lines to enjoy their summer. I think these images are making a very powerful statement in a positive way to show how much this disaster really affected human and animal life. The release of the images has got the fashion world talking and wondering whether or not this was demeaning a tragic event or sending a positive message. Italian Vogue really caused a stir but I think that their intentions to shed more light on the situation was good but what does this say about "fashion"? Do we tend to "glamorize" a tragedy to create fashion? or Is it possible to use fashion to help educate and bring awareness of a situation without crossing the line? 

Photos:Italian Vogue

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