Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vogue releases the images for their September issue, the biggest issue of the year starring........Halle Berry

So Vogue released images from their September issue, the most anticipated issue of the year with the beautiful Halle Berry as the cover girl. She looked amazing sporting a very chic short bob. Halle gets really personal talking about her career, being a mother, relationships and the real Halle. Halle hasn't done a real interview in almost three years. She has been off the Hollywood scene but only doing promotions for her fragrances and Revlon. Halle said the reason she did the cover is "because Vogue made me an offer that I couldn't refuse: September cover" and that she wouldn't say no to being on the biggest cover of the year. She also talks openly about her breakup with model Gabriel and she is not holding back.
She was scolded by the media after her break-up that had all sorts of rumors circling about what really happened. Despite it all, Halle did not let that bring her down. Her beautiful daughter Nyla seemed to have kept her going. Halle is now working on two films, one titled "Shoe Additics", that may be released at the end of the year or as early as next year. I can't wait because I am a huge fan of Miss Berry. She is one of the only actresses that never disappoints on the red carpet and for her being over 40, she is giving these 20 year olds a run for their money. Check the issue out on newsstand to read the full article or go to


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