Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kanye West Doubles-Up for the October 2010 issue of XXL magazine

Kanye West will grace the October 2010 cover of XXL magazine in which he served as "Creative Director" for a 40 page spread. In the magazine out on September 28th, Yeezy opens up about the Taylor Swift incident and the repercussions after the 2009 VMA's. West wrote his cover story to ensure that no one quotes him incorrectly, can you blame him? I just hope that now everyone can move on from the situation because I am tired of hearing about it. Ye apologized, both him and Taylor performed their songs about how they felt about the incident on the 2010 VMA's so now people let it go. Love him or Hate him, Kanye is still one of the hottest producers and rappers in the game. I am a Kanye West fan to the fullest. I didn't like what he did to Taylor but he realized his mistake so that just means even though he is a celebrity, he is still human. Continue to read excerpts from the Kanye written interview.

Kanye on Taylor Swift:
“I stress that the incident wasn’t about Taylor personally.” And it definitely wasn’t about race. Where I messed up is, at the end of the day, it’s your show, Taylor. It’s your show, MTV.”

Kanye to his fans:
“The relationship with the public and with your fans is like the relationship with your girlfriend. How could I not, at a certain point, be like, ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been at the awards show. I’m sorry.’ Not that I don’t deserve to get beat up or change who I am inside, to make sure that that doesn’t happen again.”


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