Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get to know StyleRecovery.com

Shopping just got a little be more fashionable when STYLERECOVERY.com launched, which is the alternative to EBay. The whole idea of the site is to sell your designer clothing to consumers who understands the quality and value of high-end goods. StyleRecovery.com was founded by Pauline Truchot when she noticed that they were gorgeous pieces in her closet that she was not wearing. I think every women could relate to Pauline including me because I have tons of designer pieces that I have never worn or have worn once in my closet. Basically you are salvaging your valued items and selling them to buyers who will revive them. StyleRecovery.com is a fashionable community of over 60,000 members who are selling and buying products at a reasonable price while making a profit.

I had the opportunity to ask Pauline Truchot some questions about the website that she created and how she got started. Continue to see what she had to say.

How did you get started with fashion?
Well I grew up in Paris and my background is in finance and luxury marketing. I have always love fashion. I would regurlaly read about fashion and new trends and I wasl always searching for the new "it" products at a good price. However I got my start in fashion when I started StyleRecovery.

How did you come up with the idea for StyleRecovery?
I came up with the idea when I realized that I had many nice items in my closet that I just didn't wear anymore. These items still had value but i didn't know what to do with them. I knew I wasn't the only one with this problem. My girlfriends and I would get together and exchange the desinger clothing we didn't wear anymore, so I decided to do it on a larger scale. That's when I co-founded Ugotawish.com, which is the Euorpean version of StyleRecovery.

How do you ensure that the product being sold is real and not fake?
Our team is experienced and trained by brands. We carefully look at pictures and details and we never hesitate to ask for more images when we're not sure. We also ask for certificates of authenticity when possible or when in doubt. And in the case that a fake is sold, despite our efforts to prevent this, we refund the buyer and take appropiate measures against anyone who attempts to sell fake products.

How do you determine pricing?
The seller determines the price. However, if we feel that the price should be altered, we will email the seller with a recommended price and a explanation to them sell their product.

What is next for StyleRecovery? Is their plans to take the site in a different direction?
We want StyleRecovery to be a one-stop site for everything fashion. The website has a variety of both new and used products from designers, professional retailers and personal sellers. We have a weekly newsletter and are launching a blog that will have the latest on fashion and beauty, trends, how-to's and advice on selling and buying second hand fashion.

To find out more about the site and to start selling your valued goods or even to shop, go to www.stylerecovery.com.


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