Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rachel McAdams Covers Glamour

Rachel McAdam's is covering the February 2012 issue of GLAMOUR magazine and she shows us why she is a lovable fashionista. On the cover which was shot by Alexei Hay, Rachel is wearing a MAVI shirt and floral DOLCE & GABBANA shorts. Rachel is shot throughout her feature in designer looks from Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada. In the issue, McAdams talks about her new movie "The Vow", about having relationships with co-stars, her biggest movie, "The Notebook", her dream co-star and more. Continue below to read some of Rachel's interview and to see more image from the feature. You can also read Rachel's full interview here.

DIOR dress, CHANEL pearl hairpin and STEPHEN RUSSELL diamond & platinum bracelet.

On having relationships with co-stars:
No. A set may seem like a good place for romance, but I don't think it's very conducive; it's too distracting. Every relationship I've had with a coworker has come after the fact, because you wind up actually spending a lot of time with those people promoting the movie.

On doing The Notebook:
Well, I bawled my eyes out when I got the script. It was a great story and had so much heart. But it was one of the first big things I had done, and I was just focused on getting through it. It was like, great, a job, I'll take it.

On her dream co-star:
It's an embarrassment of riches. I love Owen [Wilson] in Midnight in Paris. He's so endearing, and it was a completely different kind of relationship from the one we had in Wedding Crashers.

On choosing to play her character in The Vow:
Not at all. I really try to do things I haven't done before, and this character goes on such a roller coaster. Just when she's beginning to really come into her own, everything is erased.

On her chemistry with Channing Tatum in her new movie:
I was worried we might not, because we were more like brother and sister, like buds. Channing is very outgoing, very kind and a lot of fun to work with. 

On her over-the-top hair dos:
I always wanted pink hair. I wanted to do my whole head, but my hairstylist, Robert, was like, "How about we start small?" I absolutely loved it. I still think about doing blue at some point, but I don't like to change my hair before I'm about to do [a film]—you never know what that character's going to be.

On what she would be doing if she wasn't acting:
I wouldn't mind running a restaurant. I'm not an amazing cook, but I can follow a recipe.On taking knife classes:

On taking knife classes:
Yeah, I took one! I really wanted to learn the proper way to julienne a carrot. And now I can, and I love it.


LOUIS VUITTON sweater and briefs.

DOLCE & GABBANA top and skirt, TIFFANY & CO diamond and platinum necklace and GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI cap toe pumps. 

PRADA bodysuit and TIFFANY & CO jewelry.


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