Monday, December 17, 2012

Gwen Stefani for Vogue January 2013

 Gwen Stefani was shot by  Annie Leibovitz for the January 2013 issue of Vogue magazine and she is showing off her matador style. On the cover, she is wearing a SAINT LAURENT SPRING 2013 ensemble which consisted of a sequin jacket, a white ruffled blouse, black trousers and felt hat.
In the issue, GS talks about being a mother in a band, No Doubt's new album, fashion and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from Gwen's interview and read it in full when it hits newsstand on December 25th.
 A.L.C. top and black leather pants with white piping. Alexander Wang boots.
On the tone of 'No Doubt's new album:
“Getting to the studio and not being able to make it happen, but missing out on being at home, missing out on putting the kids down. What’s more important? I felt so guilty. I am letting everyone down in the studio right now; I’m letting down my kids; I’m letting down myself. Because time was so precious. So I didn’t know what the album’s tone would end up being in that kind of state, but it’s really upbeat considering.”

On balancing her life as a wife, mother, singer and designer:
“Who knew that ten years later, I’d be doing a No Doubt record, be married, have two kids, have three clothing lines? All at one time! It would be ridiculous to do that. And it is ridiculous. It’s impossible. So I think a lot of what I was going through on the rec­ord was wanting to be who I’ve always been, but now I’m somebody different. I am a mother. And if you don’t do it right, there are serious consequences. That’s what this whole record was: trying to balance it, trying to be my creative self but also be the new me.”
On her marriage to Gavin Rossdale:
“You feel proud. There are just so many rewards that come with it. You have to work at it. But, actually, it’s fun to get to this point. Because you learn so much about somebody. It’s like these wars that go on and then you kind of get through it to the other side, and it’s like, Wow. And obviously, you get stronger. And then having kids takes the whole relationship to another place. It is the ultimate collaboration. Both of us have such strong opinions about how it should be, and it’s really fun to do it together.”
 Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Spring 2013 silk blazer, scarf, blouse with ruffle detail, wool vest, trousers, and felt hat.

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