Monday, January 6, 2014

Drew Barrymore on the February 2014 Cover of Marie Claire

Drew Barrymore is on the February 2014 cover of Marie Claire magazine and the mother-to-be looks great. On the cover shot by Jan Welters, Drew is wearing a baby blue DIOR dress and a red pout. 

In the issue she talks openly about cooking, living on her own at fourteen, the modern world, fashion, her beauty line and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more info on Drew's feature, go to or pick up a copy when the issue hits newsstand on January 14th.

On cooking: 
"When I got pregnant the first time, I couldn't even boil water. Now I can make the most spectacular slow-roasted pork tacos you will ever have, an incredible verde sauce with ancho chilies—so fucking good. A Greek yogurt pie with lemon zest and pepper filling on a gingersnap crust with black seedless grape compote. Amazing!" 

On living alone at 14:
"When I was a kid, everything was so unplanned, my parents were so erratic and my world was so inconsistent. I was 14 when I moved into my own apartment. I was so scared. I didn't know anything. I didn't know you had to throw food out when it rotted in the fridge. I was convinced someone was going to crawl through my window. I would go to the Laundromat and sit there reading Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath."

On the backlash for saying 'women can't have it all:
"I understand if someone might be like, 'What fucking sexist crap are you pulling?' or 'What era are you talking about?' But the sentiment is not that you can't have it all, but that you can't do it all. Maybe I shouldn't say that nobody can. I know I can't. It's just not possible. You don't get to do everything all at once and all the time. Life doesn't work that way. I'm definitely going to be 5 to 10 pounds overweight. I'll be thrilled if my husband is pleased with me that day, if my kid feels like she came first, and if I accomplished something at my job. Then I can hit the sack."

On her Flower beauty line: 
"It gives me a lot of pleasure, and that in itself is the biggest luxury, that is the definition of success: Not hating what you do."

On fashion: 
"I love clothes that make me feel good about myself, but I don't contemplate my wardrobe in the morning. I'm actually mad that I have to get out of my sweatpants."

Photo: Marie Claire

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