Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taylor Schilling on the June 2015 Cover of ELLE Canada

With the on-going success of OITNB, Taylor Schilling's career continues to thrive. For June 2015, she is the cover star of ELLE Canada. On the cover shot by Max Abadian, Taylor is wearing a shirt by Gerry Weber Edition & J Brand jeans which was accessorized with a cuff & earrings by Diane Kordas (at Archives) and rings by Delfina Delettrez, Jaleh Farhadpour & Yeprem (all at Archives).

In the issue, she talks about the pressure of celebrity images, interacting with fans via social media, getting older and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from Taylor's interview. For more details, visit and pick up a copy when the issue hits newsstand.

On living up to the pressures of celebrity images:
“I’m still relatively new to the business – I started just five years ago – but I can see how the pressure becomes internalized. And knowing how powerful it can be, I can’t even imagine being outside of this industry looking in. I love meeting the people I admire and seeing they’re all human – they have bags under their eyes and are dealing with their own insecurities and struggles. I think it’s so vital to keep that context in the forefront.”

On interacting with fans via social media:
“I feel that there is a part of the acting world that has gotten mixed up in the world of celebrity – as if they’re the same thing. If you’re someone who is interested in a creative profession, then you’re also required to cultivate this celebrity. They are not one and the same. I don’t know if you get more jobs if you have more Instagram followers; that hasn’t been my experience.

On sharing more of herself with the public:
“It has almost become a defiant thing at this point because I do not believe this celebrity Kim Kardashian culture is what I signed up for. I’d rather create something honest than try to create something for a social-media account. Besides, my brain is just way too fragile for both. [Laughs] I am susceptible to what people think; I think we all are. So it’s just easier for me to not engage with it too much.”

On getting older:
“There is more muscle memory to it now. I know that it’s never really a crisis but an opening. When the slump happens, when the fear kicks in, I’ve experienced the cycle enough times now to know something glorious will happen. It’s like a riptide – you just have to wait it out and let it take you back to shore. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the 30 years I’ve lived on this planet, it’s that you should swim parallel to the shore, people.”

Credit: ELLE Canada

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