Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Diane Kruger on the September 2015 Cover of ELLE Canada

Diane Kruger is gearing up for the release of her new films this year & next, the model turned actress is the September 2015 cover star for ELLE Canada. On the cover which was shot by Max Abadian, DK is wearing BOSS FALL 2015 ensemble that featured a black & white stripe blazer thrown over her shoulders & a v-neck dress

Center parted wavy locks and light make-up topped off her stylish look. In the candid interview, she talks about not working with a stylist, her upcoming two films, living in LA and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on DK's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

On why she became an actress: 
“I try to make it a reflection of real life. What I enjoy most about a performance is that you can identify with the emotions and the people being portrayed. There are beautiful people who can act, and there are unattractive people who become so beautiful when you watch them because you empathize with them fully. To me, that is the beauty of acting—it’s a reflection of what it is to be a human being.”

On living in LA & feeling especially German:
“Oh, all the time! I feel more German when I’m here than when I’m in Germany. My work ethic alone feels very different. I fill my days with lists of things I need to do. My friends always say ‘You’re the most German person I’ve ever met!’ But in Germany, I feel more French. I’m always like, ‘I’ll come when I come, maybe I’ll be home,’ which drives my family nuts.”

On taking time to catch her breathe:
“I think this year has been unusually busy for me, and I’m not sure why. But I have to take a break now—I’ve been away from home for six months, and that’s not good. I have to stop and actually live life. I feel like I’m becoming stupid and silly; you live in this bubble when you are on-set—you don’t get to live real life.” 

On her new film 'Disorder':
“Well, when you first meet her, she seems very cold. But as the weekend goes on, that facade slowly crumbles. I thought it was really interesting to take that journey with the character—this idea that you believe someone to be a certain way, only to discover she is quite different. 

On her new film 'Sky' with Lena Dunham: 
“I co-produced Sky with one of my best friends, director Fabienne Berthaud. She’s very near and dear to my heart. I’ve known her since I was 16—she gave me my first job, so we have this really intense relationship! It’s a story about a couple who travels to the United States on holiday to save their marriage, and it doesn’t go so well. I love the way it looks at relationships and the self-discovery that happens when you are forced to go through a certain set of circumstances.”
On not working with a stylist:
“When I first started out, I had the whole thing, because when you first move to L.A., that’s what you think you should do. So you get the stylist and the makeup artist and the hairstylist and the publicist. But I didn’t recognize myself in those early pictures because I ended up looking like everyone else. And there were just too many people around all the time, so I decided to cut some people out. And since I have a lot of long-standing relationships with designers, it just became easier for me to call them myself. And they’ve all been nice enough to make things for me or send things from the runway that I like.”

Credit: Elle Canada

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