Friday, March 11, 2016

Melissa McCarthy on the April 2016 Cover of Redbook Magazine

Melissa McCarthy will soon hit the circuit to promote her new comedy 'The Boss' and you can also catch her on the April 2016 cover of Redbook magazine. On the cover, the actress looks stylish in a tweed jacket, a pleated tunic and white denim which was topped off with center part waves and a long necklace. In the issue, she talks why we should stop judging each other, talking body image with her daughters, the importance of feeling comfortable & stylish in clothes and so much more. I love how Melissa embraces and has confidence with her body. She tends to dress well to compliment that. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview and to see more images. For more on Melissa's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand on March 15th.

On talking to her daughters about body image:
'Give me your best punch in the face, and I'll take that punch, rather than have my kid feel bad about herself….There's an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what .5% of the human race looks like. It starts very young. My message is that as long as everybody's healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type you have.'

Her thoughts on young women who say, 'I am not a feminist': 
'I always think, 'Oh, that sounds so dumb.' And I don't mean that in a hateful way. It just sounds so ill-informed. Do you think women should be paid less? You don't believe in equality for women? I think people have worked hard to put a negative spin on the word.'

Why we should stop judging each other: 
'With women, there's this constant weird cultural thing where we're always supposed to be comparing ourselves with one another. Who wore it best? Whose butt's better? Instead, how about if everyone wins? How intensely boring would it be if we were all the same?'

On the importance of all women feeling comfortable and stylish in their clothes: 
'A good portion of women in America are size 14 and higher. I just try to make clothing that'll make all women feel really good….When I feel good about my clothes, I'm more patient with my kids. I don't beep at the guy in his car texting in front of me. I look at the world a little differently. The small happy moments add up. A little bit of joy goes a long way.'

Credit: Redbook

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