Monday, April 25, 2016

Amy Schumer on the May 2016 Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

When it comes to taking funny to a new level, you can count on Amy Schumer for that. She is the May 2016 cover star of Vanity Fair magazine which was shot by Anne Leibovitz. On the cover, the comedic actress is sitting pretty on red sheets while wearing a strapless red velvet bodysuit. In the issue, she talks deciding to keep her relationship private, her crazy schedule, her sister, her high school friends and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Amy's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

On deciding to keep her life private:
'It’s all fucking crazy. I feel like right now I’m going to crack down and keep myself more private for that reason. Which feels, you know, kind of counter-intuitive as a comic. But I don’t know—it seems necessary.'

On having a crazy schedule:
'I love all the things that I’m doing but that all my time is accounted for? I’m not Joan Rivers, where I’m like, ‘A full calendar is happiness.’ I would love to do nothing, like waking up and not knowing what you’re going to do that day. The other day I was so overwhelmed I left work an hour early and I just went and watched Labyrinth on my sister’s couch. It was a big deal in our house growing up. It holds up. I mean, the movie’s weird, but it just felt so good to just lay there, while it was still light out, and watch a movie.'

On wanting to be a performer:
'As soon as I could make expressions, I was trying to make my parents laugh. My sister and brother liked to play characters that already existed, like Snow White, but I liked to make up my own characters, and I’d walk around as that character in the house, and people would address me as her. Madame Lavitchky was a big one. She was a fortune-teller. I would wrap my head and turn a glass vase upside down and I’d give readings to everyone, very dramatic. Like ‘Your husband’s going to die at war.’ Crazy shit.'

Credit: Vanity Fair

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