Friday, July 8, 2016

Mila Kunis on the August 2016 Cover of Glamour Magazine

Mila Kunis is pregnant with her second child but she is still putting in work which is keeping her in the game. Mila is the August 2016 cover star of Glamour magazine. On the cover which was shot by Steven Pan, Mila is wearing a OFF-WHITE FALL 2016 denim jumpsuit with sequin beaded bird motifs in which was paired with ISABEL MARANT earrings. In the issue, she talks motherhood, being married to Ashton Kutcher, her new movie, her parents and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from Mila's interview. For more on her feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

On being a mother, married and doing movies:
I got—knock on wood—very lucky. But I did choose. I took a chunk of time off. If it were up to [Ashton], we would have had kids much sooner. But I had contracts for films I had to do. I was like, 'Let me finish this last thing, Jupiter Ascending, and we’re a go. I’m going to take a solid break from acting.' And let me tell you, when I would get a call with an offer, I wouldn’t even flinch. I was like, 'No, I’m pregnant.' 'No, I have a baby.' I wasn’t ready to go back. I was so happy saying no that I knew it was the right decision.

On 'Bad Moms':
With my first movie after Wyatt, I decided to do a comedy. It’s a good mind-set to go into work and be happy every day instead of being in a dark place. I think it’s wish fulfillment. There are things you fantasize about doing and saying, and then ultimately don’t because it’s illegal. This movie has no such thing as illegal. My character had two kids really young, married her high school sweetheart, works hard, and is thirty something now; her husband’s a slacker who never really got out of his twenties. She catches him cheating and just goes, F--k it.

On her marriage to Ashton Kutcher:
We can’t bullsh-t each other. I literally can’t lie to him. He can call me out on everything, and I can do the same, because there’s nothing about the other person’s face that we don’t know. We know when they’re acting, thus we know when they’re lying. Sometimes he’ll look at me, be like, 'Really?' And I’m like, F--k. Uh-huh. There’s nothing we don’t know about each other because we’ve known each other for so long: the ugly, the bad, the good. We went through a period where I thought he was crazy. At the height of his career, I was like, Ugh, I don’t like you. I don’t even know you anymore. You think you’re such hot sh-t.

Credit: Glamour Magazine

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