Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jessica Alba on the September 2016 Cover of Allure Magazine

Jessica Alba continues to bask in the success of her Honest company and she is the September 2016 cover star of Allure magazine. On the cover which was shot by Will Davidson, Jessica is wearing a STELLA MCCARTNEY FALL 2016 dress. A colored lip was added to her beauty look which saved her from a wash out. In the issue, she talks openly about her Honest company, what motivates her and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Jessica's featured, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.  

Wool-blend sweater by A D├ętacher. Bikini top by Marysia. Gold-and-silver earrings and silver bracelet by Konstantino. Earrings, Alba’s own.

On being the founder of her company:
When you're a founder of a company, there's really nothing going on that you're not part of…so when it comes to the design of the site, the display ads, our marketing strategy, I'm part of all those discussions and involved in all those creative assets.

On the manufacturers that she uses:
We don't own our own factories. We find best-in-class manufacturers, and then I go work with their chemists to create our formula's, or we make our formula's in-house. It's a very rigorous process of quality assurance and quality control. We have a sourcing department. We have a product-development and R&D department—those are the chemists. And then the product-development creative is on my side. So I say, 'It needs to feel like this; it needs to smell like this; it needs to perform like that; it should be delivered in this type of package.' And then I work with the creative-marketing team. It takes about 18 months to make it and to test it. And then I work with my retail team and the online team so the product feels exactly the same online as it does [on a shelf].

On what motivates her:
A, I'm a hustler. B, I've been working since I was, like, 12. I've lived all over the world; I've worked all over the world with adults and seen all these different dynamics. I've been part of a lot of businesses' marketing strategies, and I see how they utilize someone like me. I love learning. I'm a sponge. I haven't lost my thirst and desire to learn. Every day is different, and I'm working toward something that I feel really good about. So it's super gratifying.

Calvin Klein coat, Marc Jacobs slip and Leigh Miller earrings.

The Row dress, Pringle of Scotland dress and H&M earrings.

Credit: Allure magazine

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