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Winnie Harlow on the February 2017 Cover of ELLE Canada

Winnie Harlow had a successful year career wise and she is strolling into the new year as the February 2017 cover star of ELLE Canada. On the cover which was shot by Nelson Simoneau, Winnie is wearing a MIKHAEL KALE SPRING 2017 ensemble & MARY YOUNG bra which was accessorized with ALYNNE LAVIGNE, ANNE-MARIE CHAGNON & ARIELLE DE PINTO jewelry. In the issue, she talks not wanting to be called a role model, cooking, her fashion faux pas, trying to fit in and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview and to see her fashion spread. For more on Winnie's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

House of Noni jacket, Tanya Taylor top & skirt, Emily Kowalik choker, Anastassia Sel necklace and Aldo sandals.

On if she ever made a fashion faux pas: 
My sense of fashion has developed a lot. Even working with my new management for the past year has changed it. I still have my ’hood style—I still like to wear my gold chains and my grills. I’m surprised I don’t still have a gold nameplate from back in the day.

On if she ever tried to fit in:
Like any other kid, I was trying so hard to fit in that school made no sense to me. I wasn’t attending class; I was trying to hang out in the caf with the cool kids. I was always trying to be cool. In the end, the vice-principal told my mom it would be best for me to go to an alternative school where I was only there when I had class and then I left. That helped me to focus on my studies and not on everyone else and what they were doing.

On feeling comfortable in her own skin:
As a child, I really hated it. I think, regardless of my skin condition, my mom is very conservative with dressing—like, when she’s helping me do laundry and she sees a thong, she’s like, ‘What is this dental floss in your laundry basket?’ With my skin, I have to avoid direct contact with the sun, so that combined with my mom being conservative meant I grew up wearing stockings under shorts and long sleeves under tank tops. It was kind of embedded in me that I was supposed to be covering up. As I grew up, people would still stare, but, I don’t know, me feeling uncomfortable just disappeared. I’d be walking out with friends and they’d be like, ‘Don’t you feel everyone staring?’ and I’d be like, ‘No, I actually don’t. I just don’t care.’” 

On what she has been up to since the shoot: 
I’m taking my time being home [in Mississauga]. Today my girls are coming over and we’re going to make American Thanksgiving dinner.

On if she is a good cook:
I make a good oxtail stew, but I don’t cook too often so I don’t know what else I could make. 

On if she is comfortable being seen as a role model:
I feel like I am an inspiration. That’s the word I prefer. I don’t believe that I have to be a role model, someone to be emulated. My mom inspires me, and I take great things from her, but there are things from my mom that I would never do. So I don’t have my mother as a role model, but I do have her as a huge inspiration. 

On the proudest moment of her career so far:
When I signed with my new agency, I had a list; I said these were the things I was trying to accomplish in one year and five years. One thing on my list was [to do] more covers, and I already have five covers.

On if she has a mantra:
I have a couple, but one of my most liked Instagrams is actually a quote I came up with myself. It’s ‘Confidence doesn’t eliminate insecurities, and insecurities don’t mean you’re not confident.

On if something happened to inspire her mantra: 
This goes back to me not talking about my skin. The picture was me in a bra and underwear, and when I took the photo, I was in the middle of doing my makeup. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, if she’s talking about confidence, she must be talking about her skin,’ but I was actually just saying that we all wear makeup and have insecurities. My contour is an unblended stripe on my face, and no one even saw that!

Sid Neigum dress, Mary Young bra, House of Nonie skirt and Call It Spring sneakers.

jacket, top and skirt by Markoo, a choker by Hayley Elsaesser, earrings by Alynne Lavigne, ring by Betty Barbs, ring by Malorie Urbanovitch and boots by John Fluevog.

Jacket by Greta Constantine, cotton hoodie by Atelier Wonder, earrings by CG Chris Gelinas, chokers by Biko, a ring by Alynne Lavigne and a ring by Anne-Marie Chagnon.

Credit: ELLE Canada

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  1. Its not that great fashion-wise, but she, herself, looks stunning, and her sound bytes are excellent. She definitely is an inspiration. I love that she is getting attention in the beauty and fashion worlds! Want to see more of her.