Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Zendaya on the January 2017 Cover of Allure Magazine

Zendaya is gearing up for the release of her first major film debut and she is the January 2017 cover star for Allure magazine. On the cover which was shot by Jason Kibbler, Zendaya is wearing a CHRISTIAN DIOR RESORT 2017 dress. In the issue, she talks her style, her career, her love for the red carpet and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Zendaya's, feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand on December 19th. 

On her growing career:

Everything has been a climb. And I’ve been able to take my family and friends with me. I came from humble beginnings. I’ve never had a pool before. I’ve never lived in a house this beautiful. I appreciate everything so much more because everything I have has been worked for.

On making her major film debut:
Plenty of people are like, ‘Why is she still on Disney Channel? Well, I waited and waited for the right part, and now I get to be in Spider- Man.

On not being a social person:
I’m just not a social butterfly. I’d rather be home with my family. I’ve never had a desire to drink.

On not being perfect:
There is so much stress in my life. I’ve got family, a lot of people that depend on me and need me. I try to take care of everybody and sometimes that drives you crazy—you want everybody to be OK, and you’re like, Jesus, am I OK?

On her love for the red carpet:
I love to slay a red carpet. When I step on one, I’m a different person, like Sasha Fierce and BeyoncĂ©. Honestly, I walk like an old man—the Coleman Trudge. On the red carpet, I’m this dainty, slow, elegant gazelle. 

Emilio Pucci


Credit: Allure magazine



  1. Not liking it, it almost looks like her facial features have been toughened up.