Friday, February 17, 2017

InStyle Magazine March 2017 Feature: Kelly Oxford on 'The Crystal Method'

There are always new methods and products that we can use to help improve our skin or relieve stress. An article in the March 2017 issue of InStyle magazine caught my eye in which Kelly Oxford talks about 'The Crystal Method'. From crystal healing to crystal facials, read about Kelly's research with the help of Spencer Pratt, on The Crystal Method on or pick up a copy of the March 2017 issue with Emily Ratajkowski on the cover, on newsstands now. Read some excerpts from Kelly's article below.  

On how she became interested in crystals:
"I’ve always been open to, yet skeptical of, “woo-woo” things like spirit guides, crystals, and juice cleanses. Crystals, in particular, made me think of sad people grasping for anything to get them through life. So when, in 2015, glamorous and not-at-all-sad Nicole Richie flashed me a palm full of glittering gems while shooting an unusually stressful scene with the cast of Love & Hip Hop on her VH1 show, Candidly Nicole, I was intrigued.”

On visiting a crystal healer:
"None of this feels weird; it’s like a lucid dream that Lee guides me through as she carefully selects and places crystals on my body…I don’t even think about opening my eyes, not once, which I retrospectively find odd because under most circumstances I have the attention span of a gerbil.”

On contemplating her crystal journey with Spencer Pratt:
I…get ready for bed while thinking about leveling up to Pratt’s crystal status by moving peeps’ energy in public with the penis quartz. I then come to a quick realization that between letting crystals guide a journey through my body and having them rubbed into my face, I have likely surpassed dear Spencer. The student has become the master.

Credit: InStyle Magazine

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