Monday, April 3, 2017

Evan Rachel Wood on the May 2017 Cover of Elle Canada

Evan Rachel Wood is enjoying the success of her show 'Westworld' and she is also the May 2017 cover star of Elle Canada. On the cover which was shot by Max Abadian, Evan is rocking a white & black GUCCI tuxedo which was topped off with a edgy beauty look. In the issue, she talks Westworld, singing, feminism, her son and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Evan's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand on April 10th. 

On changing after season one of Westworld:
Dolores’ journey was about finding her true self and facing trauma and her past. That was a catalyst in me opening up about my experiences. [Wood is a rape survivor.] Playing her got me to face a lot. Life was imitating art. By the end of that show, I did feel like I was standing on firmer ground and that I had conquered certain fears. I was owning it in a different way. I was less afraid and less ashamed.

On speaking publicly about her personal stuff: 
I’ve been able to talk about it in a new way—from a place of strength rather than still kind of going through it. And there are still good days and bad days. That stuff never fully goes away. Even when the response is positive, it’s still overwhelming because people start opening up to you about their experiences and that’s really heavy. But it’s kind of like how I felt when I had my son, where it was like ‘All right, now you get to take your experiences and turn them into lessons and you get to kind of be there for him instead of just wallowing in your thing.

On if her son's life changed because of the new attention on her: 
Bless him. He’s a gypsy by proxy because his parents are. He’s only three now, but he’s starting to understand. He hears one of my songs and he knows that that’s me, and he has seen me on TV and he’s starting to put the pieces together. His parents are very different. My ex-husband [actor Jamie Bell] is lovely and very British and straightedge, and then he’s got this glam-rock weirdo for a mom. 

On moving to Nashville from LA:
L.A. is wonderful, and it has given me so many amazing things, but I’ve also got a lot of demons here. I was ready to break it up a little bit. I wanted to give my kid some grass to run around on. Again, he’s got two actor parents. I was like, ‘You don’t need to live in L.A. full-time. Let’s go somewhere a little “normal” for a bit.

On if she thinks some people hate her for her beliefs:
Some think that feminism is about hating men, and they hate you for that. I love men. I have a son—I actually want a world where we can all be equal and I’m not held back because of my gender. It’s not a movement against men! It sucks that the word ‘feminism’ is so tainted. Also, I’m in the LGBT community [Wood identifies as bisexual], and you’re told a lot that you’re going to hell and you’re a terrible person. People think that it’s a movement and we’re trying to destroy society. It’s intense.

Credit: Elle Canada

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