Thursday, May 18, 2017

Missy Elliott & Lorde on the June 2017 Cover of Elle Magazine

With new music on the horizon, Missy Elliott & Lorde is leading the pack on the June 2017 cover of ELLE magazine's annual 'Women in Music' issue. On the covers which was shot by Mark Seliger, Missy Elliott is wearing MARC JACOBS FALL 2017, accessorized with JENNIFER FISHER earrings & a GRAFF ring and Lorde is wearing a CHRISTIAN DIOR jumpsuit & pumps. Continue below to see their individual covers and to read excerpts from their interview. For more on Missy's feature, click HERE and for Lorde, click HERE. You can pick up a copy of their issue on newsstand.

On keeping her recordings private:
I'm private about recording, because it allows me to be myself and not have to worry. The energy has to be right for me, if I'm in that booth and somebody's energy is off and not really, like, moving their head or something, it may make me start to doubt what I'm doing. You gotta be careful in the energies that you let come in the room, because it will begin to make you doubt and fear and not want to take that risk.

On not doing something just to fit in:
One thing I won't do is compromise. I will never do something based on what everybody else is telling me to do. And have to kick myself in the ass every night. Nah. I have to make sure that it's right. I've been through so many stumbling blocks to build a legacy, so I wouldn't want to do something just to fit in. Because I never fit in. So….

On having a creative process:
Everyone's making music in L.A. now—which is great if you aren't the shyest, most introverted nerd. I found it a little too social. I made my first record in New Zealand with very little discourse—I was just my own unit. In L.A., it's very, 'Oh, what project are you working on?' I was like, 'I need to be out of this.

On balancing her celebrity status & creative process:
New Zealand. That's why I am so passionate about going home. Most of my friends are people I knew before I was famous. I'm very thankful that I never feel like the smartest person in the room, or the coolest person in the room, or the funniest. When I'm there, I'm just there. People forget that I've done anything. They say, 'Ella's this weird old dowager with a nice house.

Credit: Elle Magazine

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