Monday, June 5, 2017

Ashley Graham on the July 2017 Cover of Glamour Magazine

Ashley Graham is showing off her curves on second July 2017 cover for Glamour magazine. On the cover which was shot by Nathaniel Goldberg, Ashley is wearing a VICTORIA BECKHAM SPRING 2017 dress with an LA BLANCA swimwear top underneath. In the issue, she talks becoming a sex symbol, being sexual assaulted, changing women's lives and so much more. Continue below to see her beach fashion spread and to read excerpts from her interview. For more on Ashley's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

Malia Mills

On being a sex symbol:
When I met with Eva Chen from Insta-gram, she told me that 75 percent of my followers are women,” she says. “So if anyone wants to call me a sex symbol, it’s women. We are redefining sexy.

On showing nipple or bush:
You know, my thing is: If it’s vulgar, and it’s, like, me grabbing my breasts and showing nipple, I’m not going to do it. When I said, “I don’t do nip and bush,” I didn’t feel like I had to be specific as to what kind. So you might even see more nipple coming up. But trust me: You will never see my vagina! 

On rituals to keep her relationship on point:
He tells me, 'You’re the hardest-working woman I know.' And to hear it from your man is, like, a whole other thing. We don’t go to bed mad at each other. We play the Nice Game—after a fight, when we’re done arguing but there’s still a weird energy, whoever says, 'Let’s play the Nice Game,' the other person has to say something nice about them. Then [we go back and forth and] we remember why we love each other. And we have a lot of sex. 

On how to maintain body confidence:
It’s always difficult. As women gain weight, they start judging themselves. But who cares! Embrace what you have. Say, 'Belly, you might be poking out today, but I’m going to choose to love you and nurture you.' The more you talk to him about how you don’t like yourself, the more you’re training him to not like you.

Credit: Glamour Magazine

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