Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sofia Boutella on the June 2017 Cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia Magazine

Sofia Boutella is on the promo trail for her new film 'The Mummy' and she is also the June 2017 cover star for Harper's Bazaar Arabia. On the cover & her fashion spread which was shot by Jan Welters, Sofia is wearings looks from the CHANEL SPRING 2017 COUTURE collection. In the issue, she talks her childhood, her love for dance, her parents and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview and to see her fashion spread. For more on Sofia's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On her childhood:
We were always in nature. In our family home we had a big, dishevelled garden, with deer, dogs, chickens and cats. There was a rundown old carriage that we would pretend had horses attached to it. I grew up in a very beautiful way, in a family that always encouraged me, and my calling to be artistic. We were raised to be open-minded, creative, to use our imaginations.

On leaving Algeria:
Algeria is a country that is dear to me, because it’s where I’m from, where my family is from, it’s my home. That will never leave me. I feel very worldly. But leaving a place like that when you’re so young doesn’t come without missing a sense of identity and belonging to one place. I think I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel, because I’m fearless to go anywhere, but I miss a sense of home, which was originally Algeria. But I feel Algerian, I’m proud to be Algerian and I carry that with me wherever I go. 

On her parents being strict & dancing:
Being polite was very important, having manners and respecting other people. It came about for me because I was sort of rebelling against all the rules. I was a teenager and I’d done ballet and gymnastics and everything was so strict and disciplined that I wanted a sense of freedom. I wanted to be left alone to dance freely, to dance the way that I felt and the way that I wanted. So I went and explored and came across some breakdancers and freestylers one day and it just spoke to me. There are no rules to it.

Credit: Harper's Bazaar Arabia

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