Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amandla Stenberg on the Cover of Teen Vogue Magazine

Amandla Stenberg is not afraid of being different & embracing which is what I love about her. Amandla is one of the three features on the cover of Teen Vogue's 'The Icon Issue'. On the cover which was shot by Josh Olins, Amandla is wearing a silver chainmail crop top and a pink ribbed skirt while holding a colorful scarf. In this issue in which she was interviewed by Janelle Monae, Amandla talks where she was on election, embracing herself and so much more. Continue below to read excerpts from her interview and to see her fashion spread. For more on her feature, visit TeenVogue.com and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On her role in the film Everything, Everything:
 I kind of wrote it off initially because I figured it was one of those instances where I was receiving a script for a YA romance project that was intended for a white actress. I thought maybe they’d float the idea of casting it in a more diverse manner but that ultimately it wouldn’t end up going that direction, because that’s happened to me a lot. Then I realized that this project was based on a book written by a black woman and that the casting was intentionally diverse. I’d never seen a story like this made for an interracial couple. I’m not someone who generally has a pop or mainstream sensibility, but I see the incredible power of infiltrating these larger movies that show a lot of people who we are and how diverse and beautiful our community is. I thought it would be really powerful to see a black girl [lead] character like Maddy who is joyous and creative and dimensional specifically marketed to teenagers and young adults. We don’t always get to see black women carrying that energy. That’s one of the reasons why I respect and love you so much—because I feel like you perpetuate such whimsy and joy! 

On where she was during the election:
I was shooting a scene in Where Hands Touch, a film about a biracial girl growing up during the Holocaust. In the scene, my character’s papers get taken away by a Nazi officer and the officer yells in her face, basically telling her that she does not belong in her own country. An actor playing a Nazi soldier took out his phone to refresh the news and announced that Trump was president. I was actually seeing this come out of the mouth out of an actor dressed in a Nazi uniform. Immediately, I excused myself because I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. I started sobbing. It was shocking. It made me really question how we could reach a point where our country is so divided. The director, Amma Asante, came to check on me, and she told me that progress is like a coil you have to go down in order to circle back up again. That’s how it’s worked throughout history. That’s how it will continue to work.

On embracing herself:
The reason why I feel like I’m able to do that is because of icons like you who carve out a space that the world says shouldn’t exist, a really joyous and creative space. You make concept albums about sci-fi and use your intelligence and your artistry to demand a place in this world by creating it yourself. When you do that, it makes me feel unafraid to do that for myself.

Versus Versace sweater, Paco Rabanne skirt, We Love Colors tights, Dolls Kill sweater & Shinola hoop earring.

Dolls Kill sweater, Nina Ricci dress & We Love Colors tights.

Miu Miu dress & Each x Other sweater, 

Credit: Teen Vogue

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