Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Miranda Kerr on the September 2017 Cover of Red Magazine

Miranda Kerr is still one of the top models in the game and she is the September 2017 cover star of Red magazine. On the cover, Miranda is simply wearing a white short sleeve dress which was topped off with a complimentary beauty look. In the issue, she talks career, motherhood and meditation. Continue below to read some excepts from her interview & to see images from her fashion spread. For more on Miranda's feature, visit and pick up a copy today on newsstand.

On the best part of her job:
I love how rewarding it is to run my own business and see all my hard work come to fruition. It’s something I’d always wanted to do and I learn something new every day. I’m very involved, across everything from formulations, manufacturing and packaging to sales and marketing.

On the kind of boss she is: 
I’d like to think that I am an approachable boss. At Kora, we often say, ‘teamwork makes the dream work!’ To get the best out of people you need to give them time and listen to their ideas.

On challenges she experienced in her career:
I work in an industry where there is a lot of rejection before success, so I had to learn at a young age to believe in myself and try my best not to take rejection personally.

On how she dealt with her challenges:
With an optimistic mind. Some challenges were hard to overcome and understand, especially when I was younger. But I see them as experiences to learn and grow. I also find meditation helpful in dealing with times of stress.

On the most challenging aspect of motherhood: 
I think it’s the responsibility of raising a child to be the best version of themselves. Thinking back, the sleep deprivation for the first year was pretty challenging too! But the sleepless nights were well worth it. Being a mother is just a huge honour. My favourite part of the day is picking Flynn up from school. Seeing his little face light up when he sees me! It is joy and love in the purest form. It’s just magical seeing him grow and develop his own personality.

On if she tries to teach your son about women: 
At his young age I'm focused on reinforcing the basics- treating everyone with respect and, of course, to have good manners.

On how she stays healthy?
I eat foods in their most natural state. I do believe in moderation though and try to live by the 80% fresh and healthy, 20% indulgence rule. As for exercise, I start the day with at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise. I like yoga, Pilates, swimming, resistance training, skipping and walking our dog, Teddy. If I have a shoot coming up I target certain specific areas. I just try to keep active and walk as much as possible.

Credit: Red magazine

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