Friday, December 22, 2017

Maria Menounos on the January/February 2018 Cover of Women's Health Magazine

Maria Menounos is back like she never left after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. She is the January/February cover star of Women's Health magazine. On the cover which was shot by Jeff Lipsky, Maria is showing off her toned abs wearing a white & red trimmed crop top and a red bikini. In the issue, she opens up about her & her mom's tumor. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Maria's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On going to the doctor & finding out about her tumor:
I hadn't had a primary-care physician in eight, nine years. Do you know how many times I postponed the MRI that found my tumor? At least three times! Just a few months after we found my mom's brain cancer, I started having similar symptoms: blurred vision, light-headedness, headaches. I was having trouble speaking. But my mom's tumor was growing, and I thought, I don't have time to deal with my own issue, whatever it is. We're so empathetic with everyone except ourselves. You see a sick person who's family, a friend, a colleague, and you say, 'How can I help you?' But if it's you, it's, 'I don't have time for you, illness!' My symptoms got so bad, though, that I had to deal with it. When I found out about my tumor, I didn't cry. I was told there was a good chance the tumor was benign, but to know for sure, I needed brain surgery. Dr. Keith Black, my neurosurgeon, called with two potential dates. I said, 'Well, June 8th is my birthday, and I'm thinking about this as a rebirth, so that's perfect!

On her brain tumor being the best thing that ever happened to her:
Would you believe me if I told you that the brain tumor is the best thing that ever happened to me? It's freed me from all of that anxiety of having to be perfect. You can't control everything; leave it to God and just say, 'Okay, this is my journey.

Credit: Women's Health 

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