Thursday, February 8, 2018

Donald Glover on the March 2018 Cover of Esquire Magazine

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is the March 2018 cover star of Esquire magazine. On his double covers which was shot by David Burton, Donald is rocking two different suits. In the issue, he talks trying to sell his tv show 'Atlanta', making another Childish Gambino album, on racism & the treatment of women and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from his interview and to see more images from his fashion spread. For more ob Donald's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

Suit, shirt, and bow tie by CalvinKlein205W39NYC; Tiffany & Co. English 1980s diamons-and-enamel dress set from Macklowe Gallery

On his hit tv show 'Atlanta' & trying to sell it:
I remember seeing an interview where Dave Chappelle was talking about how it was important to him that the show was personal. So I just focused on making it more and more personal. We shopped it around to all these places. I didn’t get too specific about what the show was, because I just felt like trying to explain it was going to be a hard sell. And it was. It was a Trojan horse to be able to just tell stories. I’m just not a person who wants to give people what they want, because I’m more complicated than that.

On going to the strip club:
I knew what it was and I also didn’t have that type of money. You can’t be broke in a strip club; that might as well be against the law. I grew up knowing that you go to the strip club to have a good time. Although I don’t know how much fun women have in there. People wanted me to stop being depressed. They’re like, ‘Give us that smile.’ I just don’t want to do it all the time. That’s not me. I’m not going to lie and say, ‘That feels good, you’re my girl.

On doing another Childish Gambino album:
I feel like that’s not the ending—for me, anyway. I know it’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but I don’t care that much about what happens to me. The vibrations that I make, that’s for the people. Everybody always wants to change something and go to the next thing. I would love to be something that just gives and gives and doesn’t take.

Jacket by Balmain; trousers by Agn├Ęs B.; loafers by Tom Ford

Credit: Esquire

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