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Gabrielle Union on the March 2018 Cover of Redbook Magazine

Gabrielle Union is the March 2018 cover star of Redbook magazine. On the cover, she is rocking a MILLY SPRING 2018 pink one-shoulder ruffle jumpsuit. In the issue, she talks her style, her book, shutting down negativity and more. Continue below to read some excepts from her interview. For more on Gabrielle's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand on February 13th.

On her style:
Over the years, I’d been approached with ideas for things like my own clothing line, and I’d have those momen­tary feelings of I got picked! Yay! And then it was, Oh God, they’re going to figure out that I have no value. Part of that is I didn’t have my own style. I was always looking to others for outside validation, so I would’ve basically been like,‘Well, who’s popular right now? Let’s try to look like that person.’ If you don’t have your own style, how are you going to design a line?

On righting old wrongs:
Part of my homework for becoming my best self is owning up to my b.s. I have to acknowledge how I’ve hurt people and make amends. I started with those closest to me, but there’s a line of people to get to. I was at a Janet Jackson concert and ran into an execu­tive I used to work with and just had to say, ‘I’m so sorry.’ I included in the apology specifics, so they knew I under­stood why I was wrong.... Then I lis­tened about the thing that I did, which I didn’t even realize I was doing. I’m not saying this is easy, but it’s led to my being incorporated back into some peo­ple’s lives. Not everyone will make up with you, but that has to be OK.

On shutting down negativity:
When someone starts gossiping, I’ll be like, ‘I can’t.’ It stops people cold. They’ll ask, ‘What? What can’t you do?’ Then I’m like, ‘Listen to this. Yeah, I can’t. It’s sooo negative. Can we go back to your kid shitting? Because that was funny.’ You have to do it with a wink and a nod, but it shuts people down. I used to just do it if the conversation was centered on a loved one—you’re not talking s­­hit about my friends or my family members in front of me. But now it’s in general, because when you let that into your space, whether or not you’re going to spread it or agree with it, your silence makes you complicit in negative energy, and that comes back.

On making your dreams tangible:
I make a vision board every year. Some of the pictures on my first one were of a haircare line, Kenya, and a Clearblue pregnancy test. As goals manifest, I’ve been able to look at my boards and say,‘Damn, I put in a lot of work and deserve it.’ That’s helped me to stop feeling suspicious of joy. To not sabotage some­thing before I’ve had a chance to do it because I assume I’ll be rejected. The only things that have not come to pass are a cosmetics line, Machu Picchu, and a baby. I’ve had the positive stick, but also a number of miscarriages, so maybe I just have to go more specific and show a woman with a human being traveling through her orifices. I’ll put those things back on this year’s board and see what happens. 

On her book:
The book reflects what my conversations with friends and my therapy ses­sions sound like. I might go from the worst thing that has ever happened to me to talking about irritable bowel syndrome—that’s the way my mind works, that’s the way my life is. I thought it would be disin­genuous if I didn’t lay the book out that way.

Credit: Redbook

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