Friday, March 23, 2018

Chloe Moretz on the April 2018 Cover of L'Officiel Paris Magazine

Chloe Moretz is the April 2018 cover star of L'Officiel magazine. On the cover which was shot by Myro Wulff, Chloe is wearing FENDI SPRING 2018. In the issue, she talks fighting for the LGBT cause, growing up in LA and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from Chloe's interview. For more on her feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand today. 


On the Fendi brand:
Of course. My mother has been wearing Fendi ever since, my God ... she was already wearing it before I was born. At home, we have full of vintage Fendi bags, including a circular pattern with the famous FF which must date from the 1990s I particularly Fendi, because much of what Karl and Silvia infuse their collections is related to family concept ... and the family is a big deal in my life. And then, without fashion in the cinema, we would be a neutral group of actors wandering on a set. For me, the garment allows to feel different, to be able to change skin and to show an unknown part of oneself. It's both exciting and fun.

On the effects LA has on her as a woman & actress:
Los Angeles is constantly boiling . All of the things that go on open up the mind and change the way we see things. There is performance twenty-four hours a day in circus arts and other areas that are less exposed elsewhere. From the beach to Silver Lake, you change your mood completely ... Everything is at your fingertips.

On how she positioned herself in Hollywood after the Time's Up movement started:
When you have experienced a story as terrible as the ones we have heard about, you feel apart, only you feel that no one else has known what you are going through. Many were silent for this reason and realized that other actresses had lived similar stories. The most important thing is to put people in front of their responsibilities. And create a support network that allows everyone to feel supported. It's so much easier to get back on a plateau under these circumstances. 

On fighting for the LGBT cause:
I have always been very committed because two of my brothers are gay. Growing up, I realized that they could be perceived as different people; I felt the need to stand up against this intolerance and speak on their behalf in my interviews, my speeches ... The Miseducation of  Cameron Post, which I shot last year, unveils conversion therapies sexual. In the United States, they are considered illegal in only nine states, but illegal only for minors ... I fight, in all possible ways, to highlight the horrible realities that LGBT youth face.

Credit: L'Officiel

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