Thursday, March 1, 2018

Joan Smalls on the March 2018 Cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Joan Smalls has become and is one of the hottest, top models in the game and she shows no signs of slowing down. Joan is the March 2018 cover star of Harper's Bazaar Arabia magazine. On the cover which was shot by Mariano Vivanco, Joan is wearing a HERMES SPRING 2018 dress. In the issue, she talks her recipe for success, the need for more diversity in modeling and more. Continue below to read some excepts from her interview and to see more images from her fashion spread. For more on Joan's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On stopping once you reach your goal:
I feel like you shouldn’t put a cap to your ceiling, because once you do, you feel like you’ve achieved it all. It’s about growing and continuing to dream. And once you accomplish that goal you should aim for something else. 

On how she made her career happen:
I guess I made my career happen by being determined, and just seeing your outcome, regardless of the journey it takes. Always surround yourself with people that believe in you like you believe in yourself, and who are creative and who inspire you. That’s the main recipe for success.

On not enough diversity in modeling:
I think it should be equal playing grounds for everyone and not that it should come down to race, age, colour, sexuality; people should just be loved and respected for who they are as an individual. Growing up as a child, you want to be like, ‘Oh my god, she kind of looks like me! I’m accepted in the world, people see me as beautiful.’ If you can’t identify with someone then it makes you question, are you beautiful enough?. When you walk outside your door, you don’t just see the same face every single time, you see different personalities with different faces, different attributes, so why not represent the world we currently live in? Part of being beautiful is like a rainbow – you have all shades, all colours, all sizes – and I think that’s the true essence of beauty. I think little by little, all of that is starting to turn around and brands are realising there’s a bigger demographic outside of their own agenda. After all, as this wolf in lioness’ clothing observes, Last time I checked, everybody buys clothes, everybody buys make-up, so why not include the whole world?

Dress, Dhs40,550, Gucci. Rings and ankle jewellery, stylist’s own.

Credit: Harper's Bazaar Arabia

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