Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lena Waithe on the April 2018 Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

I rarely get excited about Vanity Fair covers because of their lack of diversity but I was very happy to see Lena Waithe on their April 2018 cover. On her cover which was shot by Annie Leibovitz, Lena is wearing a white rolled sleeve tee shirt, which was accessorized with a silver necklace. In the issue, she talks being a black writer, influence & inspiration and more. This cover was needed, especially for VF and Lena has definitely changed the game. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Lena's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

On working in Hollywood:
Here’s the irony of it all. I don’t need an Emmy to tell me to go to work. I’ve been working. I’ve been writing, I’ve been developing, I’ve been putting pieces together and I’m bullets, you know what I’m saying?

On being a black writer:
The hardest thing about being a black writer in this town is having to pitch your black story to white execs. Also, most of the time when we go into rooms to pitch, there’s one token black executive that sometimes can be a friend and sometimes can be a foe. I wonder if they think it makes me more comfortable, if that makes me think that they’re a woke network or studio because they’ve got that one black exec. It feels patronizing. I’m not against a black exec. I want there to be more of them.

On having mentees: 
I have a ton of menses. They’re all people of color. Some of them are poor. And I’m just trying to help them learn how to be great writers; and for those that have become really good writers, I help them get representation; and those that have representation, I want to help get them jobs. That to me is a form of activism. I was doing this before Time’s Up was created. I am doing it now. Activism is me paying for a writer to go to a television-writing class.

Credit: Vanity Fair

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