Thursday, May 31, 2018

Chadwick Boseman on the Summer 2018 Cover of Esquire Magazine

Chadwick Boseman might be on a much needed vacation but the actor who is the new 'King of Hollywood', shows no sign of slowing down. For their Summer 2018 cover, Esquire magazine chose the 'Black Panther' star. Chadwick has been in the game for a long time and I have always been a fan, even before his small role on 'Lincoln Heights' which was my favorite show. Thankfully Hollywood and the world has taken notice of his true talent. On the main cover which was shot by Melodie McDaniel, CB is rocking SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO SPRING 2018. In the issue, he talks about being offered biopics all the time, wanting to be a director & not an actor and of course the Black Panther movement. Continue below to read some excepts from his interview and to see images from his fashion spread. For more on CB's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.


On being offered a lot of biopics:
You can’t imagine how many biopics I have been offered. I’m not sure even T’Challa could get over the stack [of scripts].

On the success of Black Panther overseas:
As we premiered the movie in Korea, in London, after the L. A. premiere, we started to see how the world was going to receive it. We knew that a lot of black people were excited about the movie. But I think when we started to see the response overseas, that’s when I started to go, ‘Oh, wow, this is a big deal.

On what studios said about black lead movies:
Studios will very often tell you that movies with a black lead are not going to work overseas. So I think that was the thing for me—this means something everywhere in the world. I know at that point it could actually change how studios respond to our movies. You can no longer say definitively, ‘Black movies don’t work [outside of the U. S.]. I think there’s more work to be done. . . . There have been clear examples of movie stars that are not given the same respect of even marketing a movie internationally. If you see an international poster, very often, even though the movie will have a black star leading the movie, they won’t have that movie star featured prominently on the poster. That is because of that belief of ‘We can’t sell this movie [internationally] if we put that person in front.’ I’ve had arguments with people about that.

On writing & directing a play in high school:
At that age, in my opinion, you don’t even know what a play is. You’re copying without full knowledge of how it works. After a certain point, it came into my head: ‘Oh, you actually love this. There’s something about that process of creating something that you love.’ It took me being at Howard and having a directing advisor and teacher who didn’t believe that you could learn how to be a director without learning how an actor thinks and works and how to talk to them. I became an actor because I was just trying to learn the whole process.

On having a foot in two different realms of acting:
There is that double consciousness that [black people] live in at times—there’s the natural consciousness and then the awareness that you are black in this world. Very often, black actors who are looking for roles that are going to be leading roles or roles that have impact have to look at roles that were written for white characters. I’ve always felt it was important to play these historical figures. There is something about that experience that is profound, a profound expression of humanity to show what James Brown went through, what Thurgood Marshall went through, what Jackie Robinson went through as African- Americans. Because you get that double consciousness. The character is not existing separate from his blackness. I feel like our stories are some of the best American stories because of that.

On if he treated himself to something:
I haven’t, It’s a car. Two different ones.

Suit, shirt, and tie by Emporio Armani; shoes by Pierre Hardy.

Jacket by AMI Alexandre Mattiussi; shirt by Prada trousers by Etro.

Vest and trousers by JW Anderson; shirt by Gucci; sneakers by Converse; 001 watch by Tom Ford.

Jacket by Fendi; shirt by Bottega Veneta; trousers by Missoni; beaded bracelet by John Hardy; UNOde50 bracelet, Boseman’s own.

Credit: Esquire

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