Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Elle Fanning on the June 2018 Cover of Vanity Fair Italia

Elle Fanning is currently filming the sequel to Maleficent but you can catch her on the June 2018 cover of Vanity Fair Italia. On the cover which was shot by Douglas Kirkland, Elle is wearing a VALENTINO SPRING 2018 gown. In the issue she talks her first on set memory, her new film 'Mary Shelley' and more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on her feature, visit VanityFair.it and pick up a copy on newsstand on May 30th. 


On any major changes in her life:
I still live with my mother, I think I'll be alone next year. Right now my thoughts are: wow, but really I'm getting old? I'm an adult, but I do not feel like that, or at least not completely. It's a fun position, like a middle ground. Here's how I feel: in limbo.

On if Mary Shelley scares her:
I have never played such a great and historical female figure! We shot the film when I was 17, the same age you had when you wrote Frankenstein. He was so young! And she was already married and had lost a child. He had a truly tragic life, but he has overcome everything and now his work is studied in high school, I did it too. 

On her first on set memory:
I have a couple. The very first is My name is Sam. It happened by chance. I was on the set and someone said, "You and Dakota look a lot like you, why do not you play your sister's part as a younger child?" Ten minutes later I was swinging on a swing in a park, in a flashback scene. The other memory is The Door in the Floor. Jeff Bridges played my father. On the set we spent all the time drawing together: it was he who taught me how to make the whole figures. It is a very vivid memory. 


Credit: Vanity Fair Italia

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