Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Salma Hayek on the September 2018 Cover of Vanity Fair Spain Magazine

Salma Hayek was tapped as the September 2018 cover of Vanity Fair Spain magazine. On the cover which was shot by Ellen von Unwerth, Salma is wearing a white long sleeve lace top which was finished off with a complimentary beauty look. Salma will be receiving the 2018 VF 'Character of the Year' award on September 26th. The actress talks her activism and more in the issue. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on her feature, visit Vanity Fair Espana and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On the Kering Foundation:
In The Kering Foundation [non-profit foundation derived from the conglomerate of luxury brands that her husband directs ], where we work against violence against women, this year we are focusing a lot on men. Most of them did not realize the damage they were d
oing. It is what they saw and what they believed they had the right to do. It is a very interesting conversation. I did not think about that before. 

On her acting origins:
After being the first Latin nominee for the Oscar for best leading actress (by Frida in 2003) they kept offering me the same and in the same amount. It was as if it had not happened.

On this administrations immigration policy:
I think it is very important not to think only about oneself, but about the whole world. Things should not be done out of fear, hatred or political power, and I believe that immigration is used to gain political power, but moral responsibility, conscience and compassion for lives and for human beings is a good thing. If we lose that, the world dies. To fix the problem, we should study it globally, look for solutions that are not so simple, because you can not say: 'Let everyone enter'. It is a complicated equation. A lot of time is lost seeing it from a political point of view and there are not enough brilliant minds working on the solution. And I do not feel that the United States is doing it in a human or intelligent way.

Credit: Vanity Fair Spain

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