Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tracee Ellis Ross on the September 2018 Cover of ELLE Canada Magazine

For their September 2018 cover, ELLE Canada tapped Tracee Ellis Ross. On the cover which was shot by Nino Muñoz, Tracee is wearing a PRABAL GURUNG FALL 2018 sweater. In the issue she talks her mother Diana Ross, fashion and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Tracee's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On being the creative director for her fashion feature with the mag:
I’m a very visual person. I worked as a fashion editor [at Mirabella], and I’m inspired by art and proportion. I’ve always had a strong point of view, and I’m really specific. I’ve truly been this pain in the ass since a very young age.

On how she describes herself:
I genuinely lean toward what makes my heart sing. It changes every day. Sometimes I’m one person; sometimes I’m another. But I know—I know when a script is for me, when an outfit is for me. When I get dressed, sometimes I say ‘That’s it! Okay, that’s right!’ out loud.

On having Diana Ross as her mother:
I felt like I grew up in her embrace, not her shadow. And that is a testament to her. [Her children] were always more important than fame. That monster of fame that we see take down so many people with bright lights—my mother protected her light. I don’t know how. But she is a better parent than she is ‘Diana Ross.’ She’d probably kill me, but [Ellis Ross pulls out her cellphone again] I don’t care. Here, 7:48 in the morning, I got this message. She had just seen a magazine that I was on the cover of. She wrote, ‘This to me is an answered prayer.’ I said, ‘Mom, what does that mean?’ She said, ‘I always pray for my children’s happiness and success, and there it is.’ And, by the way, the word ‘happiness’ was first. That’s the mommy I know. That [support] really set the stage for what I am looking for in my life and my career.

Fendi sweater.

Credit: Elle Canada

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