Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nicole Kidman on the October 2018 Cover of Marie Claire Magazine

Nicole Kidman will be back on the promo trail soon for her new film, 'Boy Erased' and you can catch her on the October 2018 cover of Marie Claire magazine. On the cover which was shot by Thomas Whiteside, Nicole is wearing a SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FALL 2018 dress & belt and her personal ring. In the issue, she talks feminism, life in Nashville, her new film and more. Continue below to read some excepts from her interview and for more on her feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

Givenchy Fall 2018

On her life:
I have a very sort of quiet life, I suppose. I try to live a soulful, artistic life. That means trying to raise my daughters in a really conscious, present way. Time becomes so precious as you get older. It also means signing on to projects that resonate with her deeply. I mean, I feel probably more now than I ever have. I’m incredibly sensitive to the world and to the way in which we’re all navigating together as people. Artistically, I can make statements.

On fear:
Crippling fear at times. But at the same time, I was raised by stoics. It’s a philosophy, a way of behaving and being in the world, which I kind of don’t have. I have a little bit of it, but I have far more of, like, ‘Oh, my God, how am I going to get through this? I can’t get through this! I can’t get up!’ And then I think, ‘Get up! I think once you have children, your resilience is built, and your ability to go, ‘OK, I can’t wallow...and I certainly can’t get into bed for a week and never get out.

On abuse:
I think that’s just when culture and storytelling collide—probably storytelling igniting parts of it and unraveling parts of it. Domestic abuse, or any sort of abuse, and that misuse of’s insidious,” says Kidman, who also received an Emmy for her role. “The day after I won, I was in San Francisco doing a fundraiser for domestic violence. It’s probably the Catholic in me, but as soon as there’s some sort of glory or you receive something, you then have got to immediately counteract it with giving back.

Credit: Marie Claire

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