Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sofia Vergara on the October 2018 Cover of Health Magazine

With rumors swirling that 'Modern Family' will end soon, Sofia Vergara is working on her next move. She is also the October 2018 cover star of Health magazine. On the cover which was shot by Mino Munoz, Sofia is wearing simply a white button down shirt. In the issue, she talks Modern Family, skincare, the secret to a steamy marriage and so much more. Continue below to read some excerpts from her interview. For more on Sofia's feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand. 

On what she will do when Modern Family ends:
I’m trying to figure out new projects and developing ideas. We are working on a denim line for Walmart. And also, I’m trying to get ready for the end of Modern Family, which is going to be, apparently, in one year!

On playing Gloria on Modern Family:
Well, of course it gets easier and easier, because you kind of become that person. Like, I already know how she’s gonna react to things. But it’s always fun. You know how you hear that some actors get bored of playing a character for so long? To me, it’s super exciting. There is never a dull moment on set.

On how she takes care of her skin:
 used to do masks and scrubs and rubs and things—I mean, I’m crazy about products—but I’ve had to simplify as I’ve gotten older. I have rosacea—it’s redness and sensitivity. If you put on too much stuff, there is irritation, so I have to keep it very simple. I do the retinol thing that everybody does, but I have to do it in moderation. And I do vitamin C, also in moderation. But I still try [lots of different products] on my neck and my chest.

On if she works out:
It is not one of my favorite things to do—but I do it because of my profession, and I want to stay healthy. The one thing that I have done that really has made a difference in my body is lifting weights. Not crazy weights. But, you know, like five pounds, seven pounds, 10 pounds. Twelve pounds is the maximum I can do. It keeps your muscles tight, and your skin tighter to you. I’ve done Pilates and spinning, and I’ve tried all sorts of things—and they’re great.

Credit: Health magazine

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