Thursday, January 3, 2019

Laura Dern on the February 2019 Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

For their February 2019 cover, Vanity Fair chose Laura Dern. On the cover which was shot by Julia Hetta, Laura is wearing a CALVIN KLEIN SPRING 2019 dress & NINA RUNSDORF earrings. In the issue, she talks Big Little Lies, Little Women, and growing up in Hollywood. Continue below to read some excerpts from Laura's interview. For more on her feature, visit and pick up a copy on newsstand.

On how she was raised:
I was raised by people who really honor nonjudgment and empathy, and that’s been an amazing inspiration as an artist but it’s not the best once you become an adult and choose relationships, especially intimate relationships, when you’re raised to be boundary-free. You get to realize that the art doesn’t necessarily match the individual. I do have difficulty with that separation.

On when she started acting:
I started making movies as an 11-year-old, so I was on location at 13, which is a different thing. I remember every compromised situation. I was a child, and adults took advantage of me or tried, and I justified the behavior as me misunderstanding it.

On what she wants as an actor:
As an actor, I’m waiting to be challenged to the depths again, to throw myself into the deep end. It’s been a while since I’ve thought: What am I doing? How am I doing this?

On her love for Lucille Ball:
She was such a dreamer and had all these cockeyed ideas about how to get her dreams fulfilled. Talk about breaking glass ceilings. But life had been hard for her and something had switched by the time The Lucy Show aired. And I know it’s a show and it’s a character. I never knew Lucille Ball. I wish I had—my mom did. Watching The Lucy Show, I thought: I never want to be bitter. That stuck with me. I just think . . .

Credit: Vanity Fair

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