Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Channeling the Chanel Look for Less!

Chanel 5018 half-tint sunglasses( sold out )

Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen have been seen around in the oh so chic Chanel 5018 half-tint lenses sunglasses that were very popular from three years ago. However these sunglasses are still making waves because they are being brought back to life by GirlProps.com who made a version of the sunglasses for $9.99. What a steal. Even though the Chanel ones don't exist anyone, the copy are just as cute and you are only missing the logo. Continue to see the Girl Props version.........
I am one of those people though that really don't like buying accessories( shoes, bags, sunglasses) if I know it is a copy of a designer brand. Don't get me wrong I don't knock anyone if you do because to each it's own. Also depending on how good the quality of a fake is, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. These GirlProps sunglasses are a really good copy and buy. Fashionistas tell me would you want to buy the real or the fake ones?

Girl Props half-tint sunglasses $9.99 available at http://www.girlprops.com/

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