Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fabulous Beauty Find: Daisy Marc Jacobs Purse Spray

Marc Jacobs has one of the top selling accessories lines and fashionista's flock to store's everywhere for his bags, flats and sunglasses. As a huge fan of Marc, I actually own several styles of his sunglasses and bags. My "fabulous find" of the week is the Daisy Marc Jacobs Purse Spray. This is an convenient way to touch up on your fragrance at anytime and anywhere when you are on the go. After a long day and you are heading to that after work dinner or event, you can freshen up right from your purse. Daisy has a floral scent that is light and fresh with a modern vintage feel. The spray bottle is topped with a vinyl petal that bends and comes with a 0.5 refill. You can get both for $45, which I think is a good price at Bloomingdale's and the Marc Jacobs website

Credit: Beauty Press

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