Friday, June 17, 2011

First Look: Beyonce's New Fragrance Ad, 'Pulse'

So I have been talking a lot about Beyonce for the last two weeks and guess what?, it continues. Beyonce will be releasing another fragrance this September called "Pulse" and here is your first look at the very sexy and seductive ad campaign. Is your pulse racing fast looking at this? This is the follow up to her two very successful fragrances Heat and Heat Rush. Pear blossom, peony, midnight blooming jasmine and blue orchid are the scent notes used to create this fragrance. The bottle comes in a unique shape with a chrome cap. The ad was shot by Lionel Gasperini and the commercial by Jake Nava who did her Baby Boy and Singles Ladies music videos. Beyonce told People magazine in an exclusive interview that, "Pulse is a fragrance you can wear all the time. “I love the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion.” Fashionista's what do you think, will you be buying "Pulse" this fall?

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