Friday, July 22, 2011

Designer to Watch: Brittany Deshields

As a wardrobe stylist, being able to pull from top designers is great but sometimes working with new and un-discovered talent is greater. BRITTANY DESHIELDS is my new designer to watch and you all should know who she is. She hails from Philadelphia and is a self-taught seamstress. She started her career in fashion in 2004 while attending school at Delaware State University and later transferred to Temple University to pursue her career in fashion. For those interested in a fashion career, there are fashion design courses available online at She started participating in fashion shows in Philly and New York. Brittany launched her first collection B.Des in 2008 and since then, she has been going strong. Brittany's collection to me is for the fun flirty girl that exudes sexiness and confidence with edge. Check out Brittany's online boutique for pricing info and to purchase anything from her collection here Continue to see more looks from the B.DES collection....

The B.Des collection tells a story of effortless style, catered to the hip, fashion forward female, who is good at what she does and likes to look good doing it. - Brittany Deshields

Credit:Brittany Deshields



  1. Love the bdes is seriously the best thing out..when i want to look hot going out i wear a bdes dress..i will def stand out!!

  2. You gonna be trouble in fashion....and I'm gonna be trouble in Music...Guess Who???

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