Monday, August 15, 2011

Introducing New Online Social Beauty Store

If you are anything like me, trying to find the perfect beauty product is tough. Also finding someone to help you chose a beauty product is harder because everyone is always shoving something in your face. Well, fashionista's & beautynista's, I have found the perfect site for you. Last wednesday I had the opportunity to attend the launch of BLOOM.COM. This is an online beauty store where you can go to create your own beauty profile. They take your profile and match it with products by your top beauty matches resulting in the BEST4YOU RECOMMENDATIONS, now isn't this great? You can also browse the site and search other women beauty cabinets who have the similar skin type as you. Julie Mahloch, the founder & CEO who is also a mother of three, told me when she was reading the labels on beauty products it confused her and finding help was always an issue. That's when she set out to create a site for women to help each other and share their personal experiences. Julie has over fourteen years of ecommerce business experience along with being the co-founder of, an huge online home furnishing company. Learn more about starting your own ecommerce business at keeps tracks of the products that you've used that worked or didn't work and recommends products based on the profile that you created about your skin type. I had the opportunity to browse the site at the event and I was blown away. The site offers over 130 of the top beauty brands so you will definitely have a lot to chose from. The site also offers up rewards on purchases, free shipping on orders over $49 and a 365 day Try it or Love it guarantee if you are unsatisfied with any product. This is great way to buy products because you are getting recommendations and feedback from women just like you. This is a site worth joining especially if you have trouble finding the perfect lotion, powders or anything for your skin type. To find out more about the site click here.


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