Friday, August 26, 2011

Wacoal Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of Challenge:
Well fashionista's, I am coming off of my second day of my challenge to test out the benefits of WACOAL"S Anti-Cellulite Long Leg Shaper iPant. If you go back to yesterday here when I told you about the 1st day, the iPant is very light and I can't really tell that I am wearing it. Right now If you live in NY, then you know the weather is a little rough so I just wore the pant around the house while I was cleaning and writing. After moving around throughout the day, I found that these iPants are so comfortable and they feel great. Also they make my hips look leaner and when I took them off, I noticed that my skin felt a little soft. So far I am loving them and the little cellulite that I had on my legs looks smoother. 26 more days to go, stay tune!

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