Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabulous Beauty Find: Eau de Nous

So New York Fashion Week started on September 8th and there has been a lot going on. I had the opportunity to take advantage of the lounges that they have provided for us to relax in between shows. While in the ALLURE VIP Lounge on yesterday, I discovered a new scent called EAU DE NOUS which is my fabulous beauty find of the week. These fragrance comes in four different scents, in the order they appear in the image above, Gardenian Gift, Jasmine Joy, Bebe Breeze and Citrus Charm. I had the opportunity to speak to the co-founder Daya Fernandez who started the scents with her sister Valley and she told me that the fragrances are very light and was made to wear for all occasions. I smelled all four fragrances and they are truly light with a clean and fresh scent. Gardenia Gift is my favorite out of all four because it smells like fresh flowers and the lightness of it gives you a clean feeling. It just reminds me of being home in South Carolina and smelling fresh flowers growing outside in the spring. That is just a wonderful smell and it won't break the bank. To find out more about the fragrance and to purchase it click here

“inspired by nature, designed by passion.” - Daya & Vally

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