Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farah Angsana Spring / Summer 2012

FARAH ANGSANA Spring / Summer 2012 collection was presented in The Box at Lincoln Center on yesterday. "Oriental Enchantment" was the inspiration behind the collection. Farrah captures the elegance and grace with each piece that created the perfect romance of style along with a natural silhouette. You can see her cultural influence in the collection however she kept it very modern. As you look at the collection, pay close attention to the detailing which is the key element here. The feathers and crystal beading embellishments were the details that brought everything together. She definitely played around with colors like red, lilac, rasberry, aqua and pink. I saw a number of pieces that I hope makes it's way on the red carpet like the "Scarlett Red" sleeveless tulle v-neck gown with a beaded bodice and the "Aqua Marine" strapless silk faille gown. I had the opportunity to talk to Farah at the presentation to find out her inspirations and what she's planning next for label.

What was your inspiration behind the collection for spring/summer 2012?

"I wanted to pay homage to Japan in light of what happen earlier this year. So I decided to include cherry blossoms in the collection for color and because it is a symbol of Japan."

Do you try to stay with the trends when designing your collection?
"No, never. Trends always change and style last for forever."

Who are your influences in fashion, meaning designers?
"Valentino, the old Valentino".

How do you feel when you see or hear about a celebrity that is wearing your clothes?
"I think it is Beautiful, I like when the PR people tell me that."

What is next for Farah Angsana?
"Accessories and I plan on doing a RTW collection. I am all about creating a brand for myself not a name."

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