Friday, September 2, 2011

Wacoal Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge Day 9

DAY 9 of Challenge
Well fashionista's, I am coming off of DAY 9 of the WACOAL iPant challenge and I am feeling great. If you go back to Day 8, I told you that the appearance on my skin is looking better and that my thigh measurement went down almost 2inches. Well on the ninth day, things are still pretty much the same. I am getting support, comfort and my skin is softer and firmer. I had one person to ask me a good question about the iPant and that was: Do the top part rolls? You know how some tights or support pant rolls at the top after you have worn them a lot and stretched them out. Well, so far no rolling. 19 more days to go so stay tune and keep following me.

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