Monday, September 5, 2011

Wacoal Anti-Cellulite iPant Challenge Day 12

DAY 12 of Challenge
Okay fashionista's, so I am still going strong on my 28 day challenge to test out the benefits of WACOAL's Anti-Cellulite Long Leg Shaper iPant. If you go back to Day 11, I told you how they are invisible under pants and my skin is getting softer. Well the results are still the same on Day 12. I am telling you that I just love the feel of my thighs and butt now, it is really soft. Also, the dryness that my skin usually has after I shower, does not appear to be as dry now ever since I started using the iPant. Remember from Day 1, I told you that one of the cosmetics benefits of the iPant is that it has retinol & aloe vera embedded into it to add mositure and increase firmness of the skin. 16 more days to go so stay tune fashionista's!

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