Monday, October 17, 2011

Trend Watch: Duster Earring

Duster earrings have been popping up everywhere on the red carpet by some of your favorite celebs. Emma Stone, Julia Stiles, Julie Bowen, Beyonce and more have been hitting the carpets in different styles of duster earrings. 

So if you want to try this trend that everyone can pull off, check out the collection from BLUE NILE. BLUE NILE has a number of these earrings that can help you dive into this popular trend. Their duster earrings starts at $50 and can go up to the thousands however you will be getting elegant and classic pieces that will surely make a statement. 

Sleek ponytails, side swept hairdos and bare shoulders are the perfect styles to show off this trend. The great thing about this collection is that they come in different price range so there is something for every fashionista. To shop their entire collection of jewelry go to

Credit:Blue Nile



  1. Nice One, tried Blue Nile and liked..

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