Monday, December 5, 2011

TOMS + Glamour For Fashion Gives Back

For fives years now Glamour magazine has been teaming up with designers to create limited edition pieces for charities to benefit "Glamour's Fashion Gives Back" program. This year they are teaming up with TOMS shoes to recognize the supermodels who are doing their part to give back. The sixth annual Glamour Fashion Gives Back initative will be featured in the January 2012 issue of Glamour magazine along with supermodels Amber Valletta, Elletra Wiedemann, Kyleigh Kuhn, Liya Kebede and Tao Okamoto. Three styles were created(shown above) in an African striped inspiration, Japanese-influenced indigo and metallic embroidery. A percentage of the proceeds are going to each of the models charities that they represent. The shoes will sell for $54 on

Amber Valletta:
Charity:water; makes sure people in developing countries have clean drinking water. 

Eletra Wiedemann:
One Frickin Day; motivates individuals to give either one day of their salary, one day of time, or one day service to specific projects around the world where the need is great, but the goals are achievable

Kyleigh Kuhn:
The Roots of Peace Penny Campaign; collects pennies from American kids to help build schools in war-torn countries.

Liya Kebede:
The Liya Kebede Foundation; saving the lives of mothers and children through access to maternal health care

Tao Okamoto:
Peace Winds Japan; providing rehabilitation victims of natural disasters

Credit:TOMS, Glamour

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