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We Talk Beauty With Deidre Hall & About Her Book "How Does She Do It?(A Beauty Book)


Known to the world as Dr. Marlena Evans from the hit TV soap "Days of Lives", Deidre Hall has garnished a strong fan following through her elegance and amazing talent. However, among her closet friends, she is a beauty guru who has gained knowledge of hairstyling, make-up and other beauty secrets in Hollywood. This led to Deidre teaming up with longtime friend and co-author Lynne Parmiter Bowman to write "Deidre Hall's How Does She Do It? (A Beauty Book)." 

I read this book and I really enjoyed it. She talks about everything from make-up, hair, plastic surgery, posture, butt exercises and more. This is a good read for anymore who wants to exude elegance and grace on the red carpet, tips on how to get TV ready or even confidence in your everyday life. 

I have to tell you, she's not holding nothing back, even going into details about her childhood when she began her career with her twin sister and what she learned from her mother. I also had the opportunity to ask Deidre Hall some questions about the book and her beauty secrets. Continue below to see what she had to say.

1. How did you get the idea to write this book?
The beauty book is a natural extension of the way Lynn and I live in our friendship. On any given moment we are standing in someone’s bathroom, cosmetics strong before us and eagerly soaking up what the other has learned. We do it with our diets, we do it with our recipes, we do it with our makeup, we do it with our wardrobe, and I think last February we solved world hunger.

2. What would you say were your worst beauty & fashion mistakes?
Thinking that I did not have to wear close fitting clothes on camera. The clothes, in which I live my life, are designed for comfort, and certainly not for camera.

3. You co-wrote the book with Lynn Bowman, how did your friendship begins and do the both of you share the same beauty opinions/advices?
Lynne and I met during an auditioning process she was an advertising executive for Redken Laboratories and I was a sassy model with fabulous hair. As they say in the movies “that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

4. You talked about your mother in the book; did she influence your style in anyway?
My mother, had the wind blown differently, would have been aristocracy. She was breathtakingly gorgeous and carried herself with an air of dignity rarely seen in our culture. To say that she influenced my style is to say she set the bar very high in fashion, in manners both in her personal and public life. I can remember sitting on the edge of her bed and soaking up the sights and smells that happened before an evening out with my dad.

5. In the book you mentioned a good point about not assuming that the most expensive surgeon is always the best and the least is not necessary the best option also. Do you recommend or agree with plastic surgery or Botox, and how do you pick the right surgeon?
I simply adore living in a time when women have some options available. I am a big fan of cosmetic surgery, I’m a big fan of injectable, I’m a big fan of using anything available to enhance our appearances.

6. What do you think are the most common beauty mistakes?
This question is easily answered because we see the results all around us. Over teasing, over glossing, over plumping, over lining anything in excess that diminishes our natural beauty.

7. Right now, having a big butt has become a huge trend. People are getting butt injections and wearing butt pads. In the book, you also gave tips to get a beautiful butt. What do you think of this trend?
I didn’t know there was a big butt trend. The greatest thing about trends is that everybody has a turn in the limelight. I think big booties are fabulous, and in fact I own one myself. When I first put it on in the store, I suddenly felt incredibly voluptuous. Despite my girlfriends’ screams of laughter.

8. Is there any beauty secret from Hollywood that was not mentioned in your book that would be good to know?
Since we published the book, I have discovered that darkening the back portion of a woman’s hair increases the richness and depth of her appearance. In fact Ali Sweeney and I discovered this around the same time.

9. What is your best beauty advice?
Do the best you can with everything you have and then fall hopelessly in love with yourself.

10. What's next for Deidre Hall?
I have been flirting with the idea of a manners book. I am so weary of walking through my life and seeing people who don’t know proper etiquette proper grammar, and have no sense of appropriate manners. Americans no longer place a great deal of importance on elegance and grace and that to me is a serious loss. When I correct my children’s manners and grammar they will say to me, “no one cares anymore,” and to them I say, “you need to be aware that you are quietly judged everyday by knowledgeable adults.” Carrying yourself with appropriateness, elegance, and grace is the way one gets the keys to the kingdom.

To purchase Deidre Hall's book and to find out more details click here.

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