Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Z Spoke by Zac Posen Fall/Winter 2012

Going into it's sixth season, Z SPOKE BY ZAC POSEN FALL/WINTER 2012 collection has a more fresher and refined approach. You can definitely see a growth in the line because the collection debut with flirty prints. Now Zac is giving you what you are use to seeing from him because he infused the style & sharpness from his namesake collection into Z Spoke at a reasonable cost. The cropped jackets has a clean finish, sweaters has slashes in the sleeves, pant legs are wide and the dresses are sweet and sophisticated like we are use to him doing. The line is still youthful however it has matured. As gorgeous as the clothes are, the accessories play a part in the line as well. Intricate detailing on the matte leather satchels, chain straps on the cross body bags with bow detailing, clutches have been updated along with the addition of fox fur. The line is very dark however burgundy, blues, greys and nudes tones have been added to make it pop.

Photos:Zac Posen

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